Frequently Asked Questions

Volunteer FAQ

Login to Mycm and click on Register/Volunteer With a Consignment. Follow the links to the current Floods of Duds Children’s Consignment Sale and select a volunteer time slot.

Email to make a childcare request.

Presale FAQ

Sign up to volunteer for a three hour work shift and you can attend the presale with all the other volunteers. 

No, guests are not permitted at the presale, but email if you have a special circumstance.

No strollers are allowed at the presale due to space issues. Laundry baskets or other types of containers are allowed.

Consigning FAQ

Registration for the sale is expected to begin in January for the Spring Sale and June for the Fall Sale. Registration will close when the sale is full.

This message occurs when the sale has reached its maximum capacity. You can email of your interest in participating. We will contact you if a spot opens up.

As a previous consignor, you are NOT automatically registered for any and all sales in future seasons. You MUST register for each sale.

If you are a previous consignor, you will use the same number as in previous sales. It is stored in My Consignment Manager and will automatically be filled in when you register. If you are a new consignor, you can make up your own number when you are registering for the sale. It can be any number up to six digits long. If the number is already taken by another consignor, the system will prompt you to choose a different number.

No, you will not be allowed to sell an item that does not have a bar code on it. We have to be able to scan all tags at checkout and you cannot receive credit for an item that is sold if it does not have a barcode. 

No. You MUST log in through this website to be able to print your tags.

If you cannot participate after signing up, please e-mail and ask to be unregistered from the sale. 

Yes, blue jeans will be accepted in all sales year round. Please do not bring blue jeans that are lined or embellished with any winter/holiday designs for the spring sale.

Tags should be pinned with a silvertone safety pin on the left shoulder of the item (it will appear right when you look at it laying flat and face up). Do not use small gold safety pins or straight pins or you will be asked to re-pin all your tags before we inspect your items. See Tagging Your Items for more information.

Yes. However, because of space limitations, we are very choosy about what we accept. Please only enter items that have been purchased within the last three years or that look like something your teenager would wear! Trends in this size range change rapidly, so choose your items wisely!

Yes, we do charge each consignor a participation fee. The fee ranges from $0.00 to $12.00 depending on your level of volunteering and will be deducted from your final total.

 Yes, you will be able to view the items you have sold during the sale at the end of each sale day. To view your list of items sold each day, please click on “View Settlement Report” in mycm. NOTE: Your inventory will not reflect any items as sold until the sale is completely over and we have unlocked the sale.

Any items not picked up are taken by our missions team and donated to area charities such as Samaritian Center, Cumberland Pregnancy Center and local elementary schools. 

Checks will be mailed the week after the close of the sale.