Volunteer at Floods of Duds

Give. This is what makes our sale different than other area sales. We give in three ways:

  1. Volunteers give their time. Our sale is 100% run by volunteers and it could not happen without them.
  2. In exchange for their volunteer hours, we pay a portion of our proceeds to the Youth Ministry at HFUMC to support their expenses for mission trips.
  3. We encourage consignors to donate items that do not sell to area charities, including Samaritan Center, Cumberland Crisis Pregnancy Center, and local schools. 


The more volunteer shifts you work, the better percentage of sales you receive, the lower your fees, and the earlier you get to shop the Presale. Part or all of prepaid consignor fees will be refunded with consignor checks for consignors who work one or more 3-hour Volunteer shifts.


Number of Shifts% of SalesFeesShop Early Benefits (This Sale / Next Sale)
Three or More80/20$05:30 pm / 5:00 pm
One or Two75/25$66:00 pm / N/A
Zero (Consign Only)70/30$127:00 pm / N/A

Volunteer Details

Double Shifts

The 6-9 pm shift on Friday, March 1st, 2024, and all shifts on Saturday, March 2nd, 2024 will count double towards your volunteer credit.

Family Volunteer Benefits

Family members who volunteer are allowed to transfer his/her volunteer hours to another family member. Doing so waives any right to a presale pass. Please note that 7th-12th graders can volunteer for service hours only; their hours will not count toward consignor benefits.


  1. Susie is a registered consignor. She and her husband John are volunteering. Susie is working two 3 hour shifts and John is working one 3-hour volunteer shift. John elects to transfer his 3-hour shift to his wife. Susie will receive benefits for three 3-hour shifts: ONE 5:30 Presale pass, 80% of her sales, a $0 fee, and an Early Bird pass for next season’s Presale.
  2. Cindy is a registered consignor. She and her mother Carol are volunteering. Cindy is working one 3-hour shift and Carol is working one 3-hour shift. Carol elects to transfer her 3-hour shift to her daughter. Cindy will receive benefits for two 3-hour shifts: ONE 6:00 Presale Pass, 75% of her sales, and a $6 fee refund.

If you have questions, please email us at floodsofduds@gmail.com.